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Music and welcome back and were moving into a final segment for today is we have a conversation with representatives of the Belize National Teachers Union we have with us on set first vice president Luke Palacio and president senator ulema speak good morning and welcome and thank you for being here Ronnie thank you for having us but we dont want you to think that just because its back to school thats why we want to speak to teachers because teachers work here year-round there are quite a number of national issues that have been burning and we know that the BNT you this very large Union never shied away from being able to put your positions forward I just want to ask in terms of looking at what is taking place in the country from the Senate Select inquiry to the issues with Guatemala two other things that have been emerging what has the conversation been like on an executive level for the Union and being able to come up with your positions and are also reaching out to membership well as you are aware milena we do not have a full complement of executive as yet yes we should be having elections in different branches starting today Ill be hitting the chorus all today and then after that then we elect our other officers yes but for now we have our national officers who are a little at the convention and so for now whatever we do I would consult with the members who are elected thatll be my first vice president our secretary and our treasurer and so we make certain decisions and if we need to go further then we call a council meeting which we are having one on on Saturday as you said a lot of issues are out there and we have to determine what is it that we are going to do as being to you especially as it relates to the issues that we fought for yes and the Senate inquiry is one of them Anya and I will talk about that a little bit later so for now were if youve noticed weve seen us putting out press few press releases I think another one should be coming out and thats as far as we have reached so far because we have not had a decision from our membership as yet yes now Im glad you brought up the the stance of the union we can hardly forget the very staunch position that the Belize National Teachers Union had on having the government address particular point sir eight-point agenda Against Corruption one of them including the Senate Select investigation the signing of the unpack and several other issues now I want to ask because while we have seen a few of these issues come on on stream how do you what is your mechanism in place and being able to monitor the progress you know it was a widely documented standoff between the unions and the Belize National Teachers Union and the government on taking up this particular issue what do you do now in terms of monitoring well again good morning and Mullaney and sunny coincidentally today is the anniversary of the letter that was sent to the prime minister on 12 September last year yeah outlining those earp...